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  • PassMinder is the ultimate tool to manage Username and Password accounts.

  • PassMinder stores and can automatically recall links to Web Sites (urls) and Applications (exe, xls, doc, zip, or any other file).
    • You can even store a link to a windows directory (folder) without any specific file. 
      • Passminder will open windows explorer to this directory, allowing you to quickly navigate your password protected files.

  • Anytime, anywhere you need to enter a User Name and or Password, PassMinder will keep track of it for you.

  • After you set up a Password Account, the next step is just point and click!
    • Just Say NO!
      • No more forgetting passwords...
      • No more fumbling around typing and retyping passwords.
      • No more hassle!
    • Say Yes!:
      • YES! More Security for your passwords!
      • YES! More organization for Password Protected Applications and Websites.
      • YES! More Peace of Mind!

  • Multiple users can set up separate Password Accounts under different PassMinder user accounts.
    • Each PassMinder User can have thousands of Password Accounts!
    • The very first PassMinder User is the Administrator for all subsequent PassMinder Users.
      • Typically there will only be one User.
      • However, if you have multiple users using the same machine with the same windows account, then you can set up multiple PassMinder Users under a single windows account.
        • If each user has their own windows account then they will have their own private PassMinder Administrator PassMinder Account even if they are on the same server.
        • Again, the only time you can set up multiple PassMinder users is when you have a situation where multiple users are using the same machine / server with a single windows account.
    • The Admin is the only account allowed to Export and or Import PassMinder Accounts.

  • PassMinder accounts are exportable.
    • Export your accounts and store them on external media for a backup.
    • Export your accounts and import them on another computer.
      • Be sure what ever computer you import to does not already have preexisting PassMinder Accounts installed.
      • If it does... be sure the admin uses the administration screen to first delete any existing accounts before installing.
    • All data exported is Encrypted using three layers of recoverable proprietary encryption algorithms.

  • Each PassMinder Account can set up hundreds to thousands of URL or File accounts under a single PassMinder Account.
    • The PassMinder Account User name and password is the only User Name and password you will ever have to remember!

  • PassMinder can be set up to notify you when a URL or File Account reaches a certain age.
    • The Account Folder will turn "RED" indicating that it is time to update your credentials, whenever you feel like it.

  • Keeping your Internet and file account passwords dynamic is a must these days.
    • Password management is quite a tedious and mind numbing task...
      • PassMinder will make your life more secure and free your worries about loosing track of your accounts.
      • The only thing standing between you and a hacker is a strong password.
      • When choosing your passwords it is a good idea to take advantage of the built in password generation utility already available in PassMinder. 
    • Before PassMinder, you probably just used the same password for all your needs. 
      • While a single password is easy to remember, it is also extremely risky!
        • Using the same password is surmount to playing "Identity Theft Russian Roulette"
      • Are you 100% confident that every web site you visit is encrypting or hashing your passwords so that nobody can recover your password? 
        • The only answer to this is... You just don't know!
      • If you use the same user name and password for every web site, you run the risk of a hacker, not to mention a rogue employee, gaining access to your passwords and then trying out these credentials on other websites such as Pay Pal, or many other major web sites.
      • This is why it is so critical to have all your passwords be strong passwords and all different. 
      • The passwords should be extremely difficult for a human to recall without using PassMinder.
      • The only password you should ever have to remember is the one you set up to access PassMinder.
  • Did you know PassMinder is FREE?!
    • Yes indeed!  Passminder is free.
    • How can this be?  What is the catch?
      • The idea behind FREE is similar to Open Source.
      • Passminder is free to redistribute or even bundle with other products Royalty Free!
      • Ultimately PassMinder will be as ubiquitous as windows is today.
      • By all means you are welcome (NEVER required) to make a small donation...
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